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AboutUniversal Abacus

We understand that the future of our children is entirely based on their early mental development. Therefore, to support this we are required to bring out their hidden potential. We at Universal Abacus aim at digging out the best out of your child. We work hard to enhance their creativity, innovativeness along with their computation skills. Established in the year 2014, we are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Our wide range of programs includes Abacus education, Vedic Maths and Calligraphy. We through our programs intend to improve the calculation power, speed, creative skills and handwriting skills of our students.

Our programs being student centered help in developing the concentration, thinking, observance, reading and writing abilities in the best manner. We offer best teaching quality and make use of unique and innovative teaching materials, and teaching methods. We through our abacus education aim at building your concentration skills, listening skills, speed, accuracy, confidence, sound judgment power and photographic memory. We strive to make your child excel in mathematics.

We through our Abacus Education put in our best efforts to boost the memory power and overall performance of our students. We enhance their logical, learning and writing skills. Our motto is to promote their concentration, imagination and comprehension level so that they are confident enough to face the competition in their future ahead.

We through result oriented educational techniques help your child to bring out easy methods of solving the complex mathematical problems. We make your child to perform the arithmetical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and Division with amazing speed and accuracy by outdoing the electronic calculators as well. We are committed to provide quality education into field of Abacus Math, Vedic Math, and Calligraphy and Handwriting Improvement. We also offer Abacus Franchise Services as our goal is to introduce and promote abacus system worldwide.

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    Mr. S. K. Verma

    Managing Director

    If today's student can conceive it & believe it, they can achieve it. They must know, it is not their "aptitude" but their "attitude" that will determine their altitude. Children are the most important assets of any country & the most important human resource for its overall development. An Education provides a setting outside home where children acquire knowledge & skills to grow into productive & capable citizens who can involve, support & help their communities to grow & prosper. Universal Abacus is a hub where education & co-curricular programmes create a Joyful & Happy environment that promotes diversity in learning & evolving.

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What is Abacus

As it is vastly known- Abacus is a tool for improvement in Mathematics. It is one of the oldest calculating devices used for mathematical calculations. Abacus helps the students to learn numbers and calculations with fun. In abacus we teach the movement of beads on abacus in a collaborative manner with fingers of both hands. When a child use both hands then both sides of brain, known as left hemisphere and right hemisphere, work simultaneously. This collaborative movement of the fingers and the brain help in creating a photographic memory in the child's brain. So universal abacus program is also known as whole brain development program of a child. Abacus helps a child to quickly perform calculations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and even with decimal places. After completing this course the child can do "BIG" calculations without using calculator or computer. 100% assured result.

As we all know that human brain consists of two portions i.e left brain and right brain. Left side of our brain is known as LEFT HEMISPHERE and right side of brain is known as RIGHT HEMISPHERE. Both brains always work in opposite directions e.g if we use our left hand then right side of our brain works and similarly if we use our right hand than left side of our brain come into picture. In Abacus we teach to the students, how to use both their hands, so that both sides of brain work simultaneously. This leads to brain development.

Other Benefits of Abacus

  • Concentration
  • Listening Skills
  • Photographic Memory
  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Confidence
  • Sound judgment power

Program Duration

Universal Abacus program consists of 8 Levels of 3 months each. After every level the exam will be conducted and all successful students will be issued certificate for each level.

  • Course Duration - 2 years
  • Classes - Weekly 2 Hours

What is Vedic Maths

We at Universal, demonstrate the importance and joy of mathematics to pursue careers in Maths. The "Vedic Mathematics" is called so because it originates from "Atharva Vedas", the fourth Veda. Vedic Maths is purely maths. In this course the students learn shortcuts to mathematic problems. These shortcuts will reduce the time in solving mathematical problems by 10 to 15 times. Duration of course Universal's Vedic course is of 16 classes of 1.5 hours each. Classes can be held twice in a week, as per the requirement of students.

Who can Join?

Universal's Vedic Maths course has been designed keeping in mind the competition, students have to face after 12th standard. In today's cut-throat competition, the only way to survive is to be among the best in business. All students from 8th Standard onwards can Join our Vedic Maths program.

Calligraphy- Handwriting Improvement

What is Calligraphy-Handwriting Improvement "Good Handwriting is a sign of Healty Mind, Bad Handwriting is a sign of Imperfect Education " Mahatma Gandhi Universal's calligraphy course is aimed at improvement in student's handwriting. There are certain rules, which when followed, lead to excellent handwriting. A good handwriting is a pleasure both to the student and to the teacher. A good handwriting can be maintained with good alignment.

Duration of course

Universal's Calligraphy course is of 12 classes of 1 hour each. Classes can be held thrice in a week, as per the requirement of students.

Who can Join?

All students from 3rd to 12th Standard can Join our Calligraphy course.

Benefits of Calligraphy Course

After completing our Calligraphy-Handwriting improvement course, student will be proud of his/her own handwriting and will be high on confidence.

For Parents

In today's competitive word the only way to survive is to be best among the best. Universal Abacus Programs will help your child in sharpening their arithmetical skills with the help of an ancient tool called "ABACUS" The other benefits which your child will drive from our abacus educational program are-

Improvement in-

  • Concentration
  • Listening Skills
  • Photographic Memory
  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Confidence
  • Sound judgment power

We assure you that after completing Universal Abacus program your child will become Genius.

Be OurFranchise

First of all let us take this opportunity to thank you for your wise decision to take a Franchise from Universal Abacus It is a very good income generating source with minimum of investment. What more, you have to work only once in a week and you could generate handsome income. There has never been a better time for this decision of becoming our franchise partner. As a franchise partner you will be interacting with parents who want their children to be the best and are willing to pay for their future.


  • Any Individual/School/Firm/Business House can become our Franchise.
  • You must have a space of around 200 sq. ft. only, where 10-15 students can sit properly on chairs and take abacus classes.
  • You must have a person ready to take teacher's training for Abacus Program


  • You must be an enthusiastic person having passion for teaching and interest In Education business.
  • Having good communication skills is a plus point.Once you qualify for the project, agree to the financial obligations and decide to take up the franchisee, the required training is provided by the Company, this adds to your qualification.

Abacus Program for Schools

We, at Universal believe in excellence. We have specially designed school programs for Abacus and Vedic Maths. These programs have been designed in such a manner that they can easily be adjusted in school curriculum. Alternatively these programs can be introduced on weekends as well as after school hours also. Our programs will definitely help your students to enhance their capabilities.


We provide a franchisees kit to every new franchisee as initial support so that they can promote the business easily. The kit contains 50 admission forms, 50 brochures, 100 visiting cards, 2000 News Paper inserts, 1 sign board flex, 10 receipt books. This support will ensure that at initial stage the franchisees is free from every hassles related to starting of new business.

Marketing Training

We will also provide you the marketing training to ensure result oriented and cost effective marketing.

Teacher's Training

Program Instructor's training for the course is provided by certified trainers of the company to your trainer ensuring quality training to students.

Free Demos

We give free demos in the area of our Franchise. This demo is so attractive, that no parent can deny to enroll his/her children to abacus course.

Other Support Programs

As a Franchise you can launch our Abacus program in any school of your city, without paying any franchise cost.


We value your consideration of our services and are dedicated to providing you with easy access to the information and support you need. We are here to assist you with general inquiries, admissions, general support, and more. Your feedback and engagement are essential in our commitment to providing the best educational experience.

-: Registered Office :-
B-454 Pocket 5 Sector-3, Rohini,
Delhi - 110085 (Delhi, India)
Phone: 9818682713, 9818700143
-: Corporate Office :-
FF-06, Abhay Khand-3,
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad-201014 (U.P.)
Phone: 9818682713, 0120 3288715

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